South Creek Dam

Heavy precipitation in 2010 resulted in some sloughing of oversaturated downstream slope materials near the crest of South Creek Dam. Utah Dam Safety officials also documented formation of seeps at the base of the dam and at the right abutment of the emergency spillway. We provided remedial design analyses, construction document preparation, and construction management services for the owner, including:

  • Removing and replacing crest and near crest downstream slope materials.
  • Extending the existing chimney drain to within two feet of the crest.
  • Stabilizing the over-steepened left abutment with materials from crest excavations.
  • Constructing a blanket/toe drain system at the base of the dam.
  • Constructing a cement-bentonite slurry cutoff wall across the spillway channel.
  • Repairing grouted riprap damage in spillway and outlet works channels.