Provo Reservoir Canal Enclosure

This project consists of enclosing 21 miles of the Provo Reservoir Canal with a 126-inch diameter steel pipe and is a joint effort between Provo River Water Users Association, Central Utah Water Conservancy District, Jordan Valley Water District, and Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy. The project required assessing geologic/geotechnical hazards and other challenges as the canal alignment travels through heavily populated areas, crosses three zones of faults, parallels the Wasatch Fault, and crosses a large active landslide complex. Gerhart Cole provided geotechnical design and hazard assessment services for the project summarized below:

  • Field Studies – over 1,200 feet of hollow stem, percussive (ODEX), and rotary wash drilling and sampling. Fixed piston sampling of normally consolidated materials.
  • Seismic Hazard Assessments – given the canal alignment crosses and proximity to active faults, a detailed review of surface rupture hazards was conducted to assess risks associated with fault rupture.
  • Landslide Hazard Assessment – a detailed review of existing studies and literature was used to delineate extents of the landslide complex; four test holes (240 feet) were drilled to refine and confirm areal limits of the complex. Risks with potential pipeline movement were assessed based on this information and a decision was made to re-route to avoid the complex.